In 1997, we started as a small souvenir shop located at No. 2 Nha Chung Street (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi), specializing in selling handicrafts for foreign customers.

From 2000 to 2018, the company operated under the name VNMELODY. We started a trial production approach, mainly focusing on customized orders for foreign and domestic partners. At the same time, focus on building a solid group of workers and strong relationships with partners. As a result, VNMELODY has assembled a team of skilled workers, including embroiderers and tailors, who are farmers from three different rural areas. This change gives them job opportunities and allows grandmothers and sisters to increase their income during leisure time.

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In 11/2018, the company officially took the name "Truc Lam Handmade one member company limited," headquartered at No. 29, Lane 2, Giang Vo Street, Dong Da, Hanoi, and began developing the Truc Lam Handmade brand. Especially, our company focuses on promoting brand recognition among both domestic and foreign tourists by expanding the retail showroom system within the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Truc Lam Handmade Co., Ltd has been granted a certificate from the National Barcode Center of the Vietnam Quality Standards Institute to use barcodes:
   • Global Location Number (GLN): 8932800000190
   • Business Code (GCP-8): 89352916

In 2021, Truc Lam expanded its ecosystem into the Food and Beverage services business, marking a significant milestone in the brand's journey toward growth and promotion.

Truc Lam Handmade takes pride in the robust ecosystem of professional showroom chains and coffee restaurants in Hanoi, along with a well-established supply chain that sources goods from craft villages to factories spread across Vietnam's provinces. Truc Lam Handmade products are special due to their exceptional quality, outstanding manufacturing abilities, profound technical expertise, and keen artistic vision. Additionally, they are versatile, highly applicable to current fashion trends, and can satisfy any interest.

For many years, the company's handicraft products have been selected as gifts for important conferences held by Vietnam Govement agencies, diplomatic organizations, and large businesses.


With more than 20 years of experience and adapting to many social changes, Truc Lam Handmade has always maintained its position as a pioneer in the field of manufacturing and trading distinctive Vietnamese handicrafts.

By promoting innovative thinking, enhancing product quality, and exploring new market approaches, Truc Lam company aims to continuously create more job opportunities for local people in craft villages. Our ultimate goal is to preserve and honor the traditional values and cultural identities of different regions throughout Vietnam.



Affirming the top position in manufacturing and supplying handicrafts in Vietnam, raising the brand name, and extending our reach beyond borders, both nationally and globally


At Truc Lam Handmade, we aim to bring together tradition and modernity by preserving, developing, and diversifying ethnic products while sharing unique cultural stories. Thereby, both preserving and developing traditional culture and creating jobs for many rural workers, especially poor working groups, middle-aged women, and ethnic people, to have a stable income.


Prestige: Focus and seriousness, ensuring each leading product/service quality standard.
Creative: Constantly innovate in thinking, models, and catching up with market trends. Adapt: to market and social changes to strengthen competitiveness.
Respect: Respect the value of human factors: RESOURCES - PARTNERS - CUSTOMERS in every stage of the company's development.
Social Responsibilities: Promote business while inspiring stories to spread national identity and improve the lives of traditional craft production groups.