In October 2020, after a long period of manpower and skill preparation, Truc Lam Handmade officially opened the third showroom in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Nguyen Van Huyen, Cau Giay District in Hanoi. This event marks a new step of the company in the journey to promote the brand, bringing the craftful handicraft products of Vietnam to more visitors so that they can see, feel and absorb the true, rustic beauty but sophisticated and unique of the "Made in Vietnam" products.

The 3rd Showroom of Truc Lam Handmade - Located inside The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Previously, the Company put into operation a showroom chain, which locate at No. 43, Lane 2, Giang Vo and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. The unique feature of Truc Lam's showroom chain is that the space is warmly decorated, with a variety of products in many categories, making visitors feel like they are living in a cultural space, experiencing the stories of these traditional products.

With more than 20 years of experience, Truc Lam has made a marked its success in the market and its number 1 position as a pioneer brand in applying traditional materials and traditional spirit to contemporary products, which are appreciated and loved by the local and foreign customers. The company's products are exported to many countries such as UK, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Singapore and ASEAN countries ...

Truc Lam Handmade's representative products

In addition to processing handmade goods for foreign customers, Truc Lam Handmade also provides products with hand-embroidered pattern, brocade, silk, stuffed animals, ethnic decoration accessories, water puppets and these are displayed in the company's showroom chain in Hanoi or large souvenir shop chain all over Vietnam.

Truc Lam Handmade always further its searches to bring about efficient methods in production and trading to continue preserving and developing craftsmanship, to ensure the company sustainability despite the Covid-19 epidemic. During this period, all employees became more attached, sharing and encouraging to each other to overcome the immediate difficulties or look out to for rare opportunities that the market has to offer.

Inside the Showroom

While seeing clearly the development potential of the handicraft market in Vietnam, the showroom network development roadmap in parallel with market expansion plan, the launching of our 3rd showroom in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, which is a traditional culture destination of many visitors, is one of our important steps to raise the ability to welcome and serve potential customers in the country, and to boost the brand Truc Lam Handmade to a large number of local and foreign tourists.

Mathematics Distinguished Service Professor Ngo Bao Chau visited and congratulated new success of Truc Lam Company

Customers are joyful while shopping at the Showroom

Truc Lam Handmade hopes to receive a lot of support from local and foreign customers, which is a great motivation for us to carry out our mission of bridging tradition with modernity, helping to preserve our traditional national products by telling their unique cultural stories.