At Truc Lam Handmade, we understand that sustainable development means focusing on business growth and taking responsibility for contributing to the community's development. To that end, we prioritize connecting craft villages to generate income for ethnic minorities while actively participating in social security programs. Our motto is to foster a spirit of solidarity, empathy, and sharing difficulties with ethnic minorities.

Thus, Truc Lam Handmade entirely sponsored 200 million Vietnam Dong for housing renovation in Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Ha Giang province, in March 2023. This followed the local authorities' decision in 1953/QD to improve the living conditions of less fortunate workers in mountainous areas. The renovation provided a better living standard and met the villagers' basic needs.

Thanks to our sponsorship, we have significantly improved the living conditions of Mr. Ly Ta Sam and his family of four. Our intervention addressed several key issues, including the unstable earthen walls, the temporary wooden frame of their home, and the lack of adequate sanitation facilities. We installed new wooden beams, a loft railing, and a brand-new kitchen and toilet area, making their home much safer and more convenient for daily living. In addition, we have ensured that Mr. Sam's valuable pig herd, previously housed in a basic barn, now has a much more secure location. We are proud to have made a meaningful difference in the lives of this deserving family.

Ly Ta Sam's house before renovation
Mr Sam's house after renovation

The household of Mr. Ly Ta Chan, including his spouse and two young children, is classified as low-income residents within the commune. While they presently have a dwelling, the kitchen and toilet sections were self-constructed within their garden area. According to our mutually agreed-upon renovation plan, these areas had been newly constructed within their home to meet their fundamental necessities adequately.

Ly Ta Chan's house before renovation
Mr Chan's house after renovation

1+1>2 Construction Company completed building a spacious, comfortable house for two families in 20 days. This new home is a secure and healthy living space for the elderly and children, effectively addressing some of their current struggles.

Truc Lam Handmade is proud to have empowered two families' breadwinners with their new homes. We strongly believe that these homes will provide a solid foundation for them to work confidently and bring joy to their families, both young and elderly. The new dwellings will unquestionably raise families' spirits to celebrate the upcoming Tet with incredible warmth and happiness.

As for Truc Lam Handmade, we are dedicated to continuing our philanthropic journey and bringing hope to those in need. Our goal is to light up the dreams of upland people and stabilize their lives while also contributing to improving living standards for ethnic minorities. Through our efforts, we hope to support the local implementation of the national target program for socio-economic development in ethnic minority areas.