Water puppetry is one of the most artistic and creative performing arts of the Viet people living in Red River's Delta. The use of water surfaces as the stage for the puppet performances is such a unique element. A small stage is set up in the middle of the lake, with the architecture symbolizing the roof of a rural communal house. The images of farmer's daily life, their spiritual and material habits were clearly shown in each water puppet performance.

Water puppetry (Source: Pinterest)

The artisans go through many intricate steps to make water puppets, from making armatures to decorating for the final products.

Mr. Luan - An artisan who is inherited and enthuse traditional handicraft
in Thanh Oai (Hanoi)

The puppets are carved from fig or jackfruit wood because this kind of wood is light and can float on water. After being sculpted, the puppets are honed, polished, and decorated with many different paint colors.

Beside water puppets, the artisan create sticked newspaper puppets that are unique and artistic

Water puppet is one of the representative products at Truc Lam's Showroom

To help introduce the Vietnamese water puppet art to international friends, Truc Lam has been working with water puppet artisans to create new models of water puppets, which are not only for the use of performances but also for interior decoration purposes.

Water puppet becomes a favored decoration item in many Vietnamese houses

The puppets are more detailly made in terms of character design and color selection for painting. That accentuates the beauty of the product as well as increasing its durability over time.