Following the success of the Truc Lam Restaurant & Coffee project at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Truc Lam Company expanded the second Store of Truc Lam Coffee at Nguyen Khanh Toan Street (Cau Giay, Hanoi). In December 2022, the restaurant was officially operating.

With a goal of creating a graceful and harmonious connection with the common space of the museum, Truc Lam Company continues to cooperate with architect Hoang Thuc Hao- the Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Architects, and his team at 1+1>2 Architectural Office to design and build our second F&B facility at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. The bamboo structure is skillfully crafted, while the roof is ingeniously expanded from an existing small bamboo house. The project impressively blends new and old to create a contextually respectful structure. The curved corridor roof system, centered around a courtyard, boldly adds depth and intrigue to the building's design. 

Both indoor and outdoor architectural spaces are linked together by unique, impressive, and unified decorative details, bringing new and exciting customer experiences when coming to the Store.

Our two priorities when choosing ingredients for preparing drinks are quality and safety. With the desire to bring sanitary beverage products, new flavors combined with a relaxing space will bring you endless inspiration.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the customers who have trusted and accompanied us all the time. Truc Lam Coffee promises to be a familiar destination for meeting partners, dating with friends, relatives, and family.