Brocade is a fabric weaved by the ethnic minorities with unique characteristics for each ethnic minority group. Thanks to tourists, Vietnam brocade motifs are present in many parts of the world, contributing to promoting the unique culture of Vietnam to all over the world.

When talking about Brocade, it would be best if you could see the colors of the brocade at Pa Co, which is an area predominantly resided by H’mong group and is famous for its flax cultivation, wax painting and indigo dyeing.

Linen fibers are used by people to weave the brocade not only because of its durability, but also because linen fiber is valued as mental strength source and spirituality in the ancient mindset of the H’mong.

The steps to weave brocade requies much elaboration, so the women who weave this fabric need skillful ability.

They will start with getting the bark of the flax tree and then strip them into long strands and tie them at the ends of each thread. Afterthat, they can tie them to the spinning frame to roll the flax yarn into rolls.

The H'Mong women are peeling flax bark

Flax bark is rolled into small rolls

It is yet not possible to spun yarn and the fibers need being softened by boiling in water, which is the correct formula to make linen yarn.By boiling, the flax bark becomes softer

The fibers are then got out and washed it all the ash off. Now it is time to color the linen beautifully. Then the linen fibers will be stretched onto the loom and woven into fabric.

The process of flax weaving into linen fabric

When finished weaving, H’Mong women continue to dye them with indigo or use hand-painted beeswax to create eye-catching patterns, a process that takes a lot of time and effort and requires great care otherwise the fabric will neither retain the color nor lose the engraved pattern.

The unique hand-draw beeswax patterns created by the skillful hands of
H'mong women

The process of indigo dyeing

After indigo dyeing, linen fabric is dried in some days

Each piece of cloth made by ethnic minorities contains their feelings and desires with it, so it can be said that the value of each cloth is priceless.

From 1997 up to now, Truc Lam Company has supported the Xanh H’Mong group in Pa Co to establish a group producing traditional brocade products. Thanks to that, women in the village have more income, helping their family to improve their lives.

Truc Lam staffs are guiding Paco woman in making final products

Brocade-sewn outfits as well as brocade accessories such as purses, bags, backpacks have become appealing gifts for local and foreign tourists, contributing to promote the unique culture and unique products of Vietnam worldwide. Truc Lam Handmade is proud to spread the beauty of this wonderful ethnic patterns to contemporary life.