This is a project sponsored by Truc Lam Handmade, in conjunction with Vietnam Health, Education and Literature Projects (VN Help), Pomina Steel Company (donated roofing sheet), Viglacera company - Eurotile brand (donating ceramic tiles), and Construction Architects Group 9497 (donating concrete yard). The design and construction are carried out by 1+1>2 Architects company.

Chan III Kindergarten belongs to Ngoi Cay Kindergarten with 50 children. Far 42 kilometers from the district center, the facilities at Chan III ​​are 02 temporary sheet metal classrooms built in 2017 that have been degraded making the learning environment of teachers and children more difficult.

Based on the context and topographical characteristics of the Northern Mountain area, the project set out the goal of building comfortable, environmentally friendly classrooms and preserving the local identity at the beginning. In particular, the two classrooms are designed with many openings with window structures and a brick system to help take advantage of natural light and catch the wind to ensure cool air in the summer. Besides the learning area, the building has 01 service room, 02 toilets, 01 kitchen, and 01 corridor combining multi-purpose space with a roof.

Speaking at the ceremony, representatives of local leaders in Ngoi Cay commune expressed their deep gratitude to the sponsors who have supported the students of Ngoi Cay kindergarten. This will be a timely encouragement for teachers and children to strive to overcome difficulties, step by step firmly implement the quality of teaching and learning. He said that the Leader of the commune and Ngoi Cay Kindergarten will preserve and use facilities effectively to contribute to education development here.

The sponsor's representative acknowledged and thanked the efforts of the construction team, the support of local leaders as well as the enthusiastic help of the people of Ngoi Cay commune over the past 4 months of project implementation. Ban Chan III kindergarten is now spacious, clean, and beautiful. Truc Lam hopes this will be a meaningful gift to open the new school year for the children of Ngoi Cay Kindergarten.

At the end of the ceremony, Truc Lam Handmade gifted necessities and toys to the children of Chan village. This gift is hoped to motivate and encourage kids to love going to school, enjoy studying, and become intelligent students.

The smiles of the highland teachers and children in the substantial and spacious classroom inspired our company to continue carrying out social welfare activities with deeply human values in the future.

Over the years, besides maintaining and developing the Company's business, Truc Lam Handmade always respects our responsibility to the community, especially in education. We hopes to contribute to accompanying teachers and children in the highlands area with better facilities and spiritual conditions, taking care of the physical and intellectual development of future generations of the country.