Stuffed Animal and Water Puppetry Collection

Stuffed animal is a new category that Truc Lam specially designed and developed. Inspired by the colors and materials of Thai, a minority people who lives on Moc Chau Highland in a remote province in North Vietnam, Truc Lam has created a new kind of cuddle toys that blended traditional crafts and modern looks.

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Water Puppetry is a unique form of Vietnamese folk theater art. Dated back from 11th century, water puppetry originated from villages of Red River delta in North Vietnam. 

 Nowadays, water puppetry has become a traditional performance art of Vietnam. The water puppets are made of wood and then lacquered before being put into waist-deep water stage for performance. 

For the purpose of conserving water puppetry as well as creating jobs for water puppet makers, TrucLam Handmade is cooperating with artisans
and craftsmen to develop water performance
puppets into decoration/interior purposed
water puppets.